Evaluation of Options

When a Company is underperforming, our experienced team can assist in achieving an optimal recovery of value.


At Matuson & Associates our experienced professionals assist underperforming and financially distressed companies with charting the most optimal way forward whilst simultaneously managing risks.

This can be achieved via various informal or formal processes, including:

  • Wind-down – An informal or formal process which is aimed at winding down the business in a way that derives the maximum benefit for all stakeholders. It can include the closure and exit from non-performing, non-saleable assets, and the minimisation of job losses.
  • Restructure – In its formal context, restructure becomes part of Business Rescue, as does wind-down. The term refers to the reorganisation of a business with the aim of restoring its stability and profitability.
  • Turnaround – A term used to describe the implementation of operational, strategic and organisational changes to remedy underperformance.
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