Independent Business Review (IBR)

An IBR is a financial review based on facts and figures that provides an objective view of a company.


 A thorough, customised analysis provides key insights into the viability of the business as well as recommendations on how to restore operational performance and profitability.

Your company may require an IBR, if:

  • Exceeding bank facility limits is a regular occurrence.
  • Immediate sources of funding are exhausted.
  • Suppliers’ credit terms are exceeded.
  • Failing to produce key accounting and trading information when required.
  • In the event that an independent assessment of the quality of borrowers’ financial projections and the feasibility of their business plans is required.
  • There is concern that borrowers may take excessive risks, so that their actual operating cash flows may significantly deviate from projections and be insufficient to repay and service debt in a timely manner.
  • There are difficulties assessing the risk of default by a borrower operating in an unfamiliar industry.
  • There is a need to have loan terms and conditions that reliably hedge risks.
  • Challenging trading / cash flow constraints.
  • Potential covenant breach.
  • Additional investment / exit plans being considered.
  • Level and terms of future credit support have to be negotiated.

When it comes to rescuing a business, early identification, a timely response and the right selection of resources to support and implement strategic options is critical.

IBR Services