When Crisis threatens the continuity of a business, we deliver the services that best respond to complex challenges.


Learn more about our services by exploring the sections below.

Business Rescue

We have a number of experienced, senior and junior licensed Business Rescue Practitioners in our firm. Our Business Rescue Practice has a solid track record of helping businesses in difficulty find viable alternatives to liquidation, thereby preserving stakeholder value and saving jobs.

Informal Wind-down

The wind-down process aims to facilitate the wind-down of the business as effectively as possible, while maximising value for stakeholders.

Interim and Crisis Management

Frequently, a company in crisis needs to take immediate action and make snap decisions. Our longstanding experience and our strategic know-how enable us to view the situation objectively and take the required risk-conscious steps to re-boot the distressed company.

Turnaround Specialist

Where a business requires guidance to affect a turnaround, we provide management with the assistance, direction and support that it needs.

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