Interim & Crisis Management

The team at Matuson & Associates is comprised of highly skilled accounting and legal professionals.


In times of crisis we can provide immediate financial management and turnaround services.

Additionally, we can provide interim CEO’s or CFO’s in the event of gaps in management. Our business is all about relationships and that means forging the most mutually beneficial partnerships with our clients.

Interim management allows key people in a company to direct all of their focus on revenue generating operations. In short, we provide strategic leadership and guidance in times of crisis. A critical aspect of the role we play is to restore investor and stakeholder confidence.

Interim and Crisis Management services include:

  • Ensuring that key management positions are filled.
  • Restoring investor, stakeholder, creditor and employee confidence through regular, timely communication and relevant decision-making.
  • Ensuring that appropriate turnaround plans are speedily implemented.
interim crisi management services

Our Interim and Crisis Management services include:

  • Immediate staffing of critical senior management positions
  • Managing communications processes with Board members, management, creditors, investors and employee
  • Bankruptcy process planning and administration, if required

Benefits of these services include:

  • Reducing lead-time for implementing turnaround initiatives
  • Mitigating negative effects on employees