Enhancing and Maximising Collections Environment

The Matuson & Associates team has both the experience and the proven know-how to help companies realise true value for one of their principal assets: the accounts receivable book.


Our team works closely with your staff to maximise the amounts collected.

No two accounts receivable books are alike. We perform a review of your client’s accounts receivables book to determine the most appropriate collections strategy. We then provide the guidance and strategic direction to implement it.

The accounts receivable book is one of the most accurate gauges of how a company is performing. We use it to identify new opportunities as well as areas which can be improved on.

This process can include taking immediate control of the accounts receivable book.

This process includes:

  • The retention of key collection staff.
  • Management of all aspects of the credit insurance.
  • The offsite storage of physical documentation and the backup of data and systems.
  • Initiatives to reduce the need for passing credit notes.

As part of the process, the retention of third party service providers can play a crucial role. Such third parties include credit insurers, providers of data application and allied services, as well as collection agencies or attorneys.

enhancing and maximising collections enhancement