Business Rescue Plan Evaluation

Business Rescue is a relatively new legal process that was legislated in 2011.


Given the complexity of the Business Rescue provisions, it can be extremely challenging for creditors to unpack a Business Rescue Plan and evaluate its implications.

Matuson & Associates is often called on to advise clients who are creditors of companies in Business Rescue.

We assist clients to unpack the proposed Business Rescue Plan and advise them on their most advantageous options going forward. As experienced professionals we evaluate the situation and provide the answers to the seemingly complex questions that creditors frequently ask, namely:

  • Will I get paid in full?
  • What will my dividend be?
  • When will I get paid?
  • How are my rights affected?
  • Do I get to vote?
  • How are voting rights determined?
  • What happens to my stock?

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business rescue plan evaluation